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Weddings at St Columba's Church

Welcome to St Columba's

We welcome the possibility of you celebrating your marriage at St Columba's, Scarborough. This leaflet is designed to answer your questions. If you think you would like to take the next step and discuss these matters further, please call or email the priest. We look forward to meeting you.

Who can marry at St Columba's?

Everyone is welcome. You do not need to be an Anglican although the church expects that at least one of you is a baptised Christian. It is usually possible to be married in the Anglican church after divorce.

Who can marry us?

Only Anglican clergy can preside at marriages in Anglican churches. Usually this is a priest on the parish staff but other Anglican clergy are welcome to celebrate marriages here at the invitation of the priest-in-charge. Clergy of other churches are welcome to assist in an Anglican marriage service by preaching or leading the prayers.

Who cannot marry?

The Marriage Act lists reasons people cannot marry. The three main reasons are: because you are married already, because you are under age, or because you are forced to marry without your consent.
What documents do we need?
You must produce full birth certificates for both of you, and evidence of baptism for one or both, together with divorce papers or a death certificate where necessary. If you were born overseas, a current passport will be required.

What is the Notice of Marriage?

The Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) can be downloaded from the internet. is a legal document and comes into force once it is completed and signed by you both at least a month before you marry.

What if one of us is divorced?

You cannot marry if you are married already. So you must be free under Australian law - that is, your divorce decree must already be absolute. To be married in church you will need the permission of the Archbishop of Perth. Bring your divorce papers with you to the initial meeting with the Parish Priest who will discuss this further with you.

What will it cost?

No fee is charged for the pastoral ministry of the church offered by the priest before or during the marriage ceremony. The Parish does need to be reimbursed for expenses incurred - administration, cleaning, maintenance, etc. The total cost, including a donation, is usually in the range $200 to $400. Flowers, musicians & choir, hall hire etc involve extra cost.

Is any preparation required?

It is essential to prepare for the celebration of your wedding and for your subsequent married life together. You are asked to take part in an online preparation course PREPARE-ENRICH. There is an additional charge for this and several meetings with the parish priest as a facilitator.

Can we make up our own vows?

The Anglican Church has authorised forms of service for marriage set out in the Prayer Books. Within the prescribed forms, you personalise the wedding by choosing special music, Bible readings and prayers.

Can we take photographs?

Photographers are welcome but must observe our guidelines. Video cameras are permitted if they operate on a tripod from a single vantage point. The video operator is responsible to obtain any copyright permissions. No floodlighting is permitted. We prefer that flash is not usedóit can distract you and the priest.

Who prints the order of service?

You are responsible for printing the service booklet. The priest can assist you with a print ready order of service.

When can we marry?

No weddings may be conducted close to Christmas or Easter. There may also be restrictions on some days due to Christian feasts. Please check with the priest.

Can you supply flowers?

Flowers can be organised by the Parish Office. Our own flower arrangers work to complement the beauty of the church building and produce excellent displays. You are welcome to make arrangements with your own florist but if you do that we ask that the flowers remain in church for Sunday's services.

Can we use confetti?

Confetti in any form - paper, rose petals, or rice, is not permitted under any circumstances in or around the church precinct. It Is too difficult to clean up.

When is the rehearsal held?

A full rehearsal for everyone in your wedding party is usually held during the week before the marriage at a time convenient to you and the priest. Some more paperwork will be completed at this time.

What do we do next?

If you would like to find out more, please call and make an appointment to see the Parish Priest.

A spiritual journey together

Marriage in church is not just a legal ceremony. It is an occasion for celebrating the wonderful gift of love that God so freely gives us. Spurred on by the hope that is given in Christ Jesus, our prayer for you is that your life together is enriched by Godís love and immersed in the joy and peace of Godís Spirit.

You may like to use this prayer...

God of love and life,
you give the gift of marriage as a symbol
 of your amazing and unending love for us all:
as we prepare for our lifelong union together,
enrich our lives,
draw us into a unity of love and service,
and fill our days with joy and peace. Amen.





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